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Tax Services In Mumbai


Direct Tax

Our Wide-ranging proficiency and in-depth knowledge combined with our vision and novelty from numerous disciplines benefit dynamic businesses to excel globally.

Our tax professionals draw on their assorted perspectives and competencies to provide a seamless service through all the challenges of planning, financial accounting, tax compliance and maintaining effective relationships with tax authorities


Indirect Tax

Our Indirect Tax Service is tailored to assist companies and businessmen who counter various challenges that may arise in any environment

Consisting of a broad group of Associates and professionals that are engaged in advising companies on various aspects impacting business, providing guidance on management of tax risks and dealing with tax controversies


International Tax

With International Tax being a challenging issue for MNCs across the globe due to the evolution of complex tax laws such as BEPS and GAAR, MNCs need to be wary of the scrutiny of tax authorities across the world. Companies need to be able to differentiate between tax planning and tax evasion - a task only experts from the field can carry out. A team of CA experts in various areas of International Tax can help a company in structuring transactions and meeting compliances

Our International Tax Advisory team in India has a vast experience in various industries – having done multiple inbound and outbound investment advisory – and is well equipped to provide the necessary guidance to MNCs. PBS’s inhouse experts are well equipped to provide expert advisory on PE determination and seeking Advance Ruling. PBS follows the ‘FAR Analysis’ (Far Sightedness, Analysis, Rationale) approach to solve every problem related to International Tax and Transfer Pricing.

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