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We guarantee every client an efficient service that exceeds their expectations. We are open and honest and strive to provide pro-active business advice that helps businesses and individuals meet their commercial obligations and save as much tax as possible within the confines of the law.

We Shape the Perfect Solution for your company

Suppose you are looking for accounting firms near me to help you with financial accounting and Management Information Systems or MIS services. In that case, Prophetic Business Solutions is the best place to be. The primary reason for this is we believe in providing a complete solution to our clients. We offer accounting solutions as per your company’s requirements.

Along with that, you can be assured that the accounting solutions that we provide will help you gain a better perspective of your company’s business operations and financial condition. In addition, we will provide you with monthly reports that will help you better evaluate your firm’s financial condition and resources. So reach out to us to for complete accounting and financial services.

Best Consultancy Services Since 2012



To become the premier Accounting, Tax and Business Consulting firm of choice by every measure that matters.


To provide quality service & innovative business solutions to client challenges, there by adding value through professional expertise while maintaining integrity and professionalism.


* Place the interest of Clients before ours
* Uphold high standards of honesty & integrity
* Commitment to Excellence in professional services
* Client focused teams with supervision from Partners
* Continuous education & training of staff and clients.

Strategy is at the heart of what we do...

To Create a multidimensional company having professional experts and businessmen from various fields and sectors come together to provide wholesome business solutions.

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